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Evolution of Light CDEvolution of Light is a sound journey that begins just after the storm.  We have all experienced times of chaos, change and transition.  This album reflects that process of moving from darkness and uncertainty into the light of consciousness and compassion towards ourself and others.  The seven stages of this musical journey are as follows:

After the Storm is about emerging from the chaos while yet still being surrounded by darkness.  Everything outside of us has changed.  We feel blind and yet there is hope, a sense that the worst is now over.

Shades of Morn is where we become truly conscious of the coming of the light.  The darkness is less intense, it dissipates and we sense the presence of a new beginning.

Daybreak is the light that pierces the darkness and accompanies the rising of the Sun.  Shadows fade.  A new day comes.

Believe is about trusting this new light, what it may bring, all that we remain unaware of.  Building faith in possibilities that we do not see or cannot understand from our limited perspective.

Evolution of Light is reflective of the process of the growing light, of consciousness within us, of knowing more than we did before and the movement we are summoned to partake in that accompanies that growth and evolution.

Flight of the Firebird is our ability to rise up from the ashes of an old life, an old way, old limitations, renewed, full of a different kind of strength and understanding. We are given the opportunity to become more of who we are because of surviving our trials and challenges.

Rain of Grace is about holding compassion in our hearts not only for our own journey, but also for the journey that others make - a desire is born that the Rain of Grace may fall on all sentient beings and lead them to a more gentle place within, where all that has been broken will be restored ...

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