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CD Cover Mystic Morning

Embark on a journey to an oasis of soothing sounds of the Celtic harp for instant relief from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

In this album of solo Celtic harp, I have composed pieces with the purpose of easing your Spirit and restoring your Soul. The vibrations from the harp will support your quiet activities or introspective moments. The rhythms found in the music were intentionally created to reflect the natural rhythms of breath, heartbeat or walking. This music can gently guide you back to yourself and is the perfect sound remedy to make any stress dissipate and disappear all together.

In many ancient civilizations and through the ages up to our modern day, music from a harp has been used for the purposes of healing and bringing relief from various types of suffering. From this healing perspective, the vibration of the harp, immediately eases any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual tension and restores the natural state of peace and well-being.

Mystic Morning was inspired for the purpose of creating a relaxing and nurturing experience through the sounds of the Celtic Harp.  As you explore the variety of sound pictures presented here, you will be transported to another time and place where life was simpler and when there was space for contemplation and dreaming.  Allow the music to take you away to a place where you can be restored to a state of clarity and tranquility...

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